Human Resource Development

At O’Sullivan we value education and learning.  Our goal is to provide each of our employees with 125 hours of training per year.  Training and development begins on your first day with O’Sullivan Films.  New employees attend an extensive safety-focused orientation to learn the basics of working safely in our plant.  After orientation, you are paired with a Mentor who will teach you the key aspects of your job.  Once you are qualified on your job, the training doesn’t end there!  We conduct monthly safety and environmental training, computer classes, leadership and team-building training, as well as training in technical skills such as maintenance and electrical skills, and the calendering process.  If there is a need for training that we cannot provide in-house, we will recommend an outside source that will fulfill the need.  Our goal is to provide the tools and training needed to help every O’Sullivan employee meet his or her full potential.


We conduct annual performance appraisals with our Team Leaders and staff employees.  At the time of the appraisal, training needs are identified and a training plan put into action to reach those goals.  At O’Sullivan Films, learning is a never-ending journey!