Career Paths

We appreciate employees who accept responsibility, are dedicated and strive to achieve their goals. If you are looking for an opportunity in which to advance and grow, we are the company for you.

Our culture encourages openness to new ideas and opportunities, is performance and goal oriented, promotes motivation, team spirit and is committed to our mutual success.

These colleagues have seized their opportunities and utilized them.  Their high level of commitment and motivation paved the way for their career at O’Sullivan.  They serve as an example for the many opportunities that O’Sullivan offers each of its employees to develop personally and professionally in accordance with their skills.



Successful Career Paths


Scott Krueger - Director of Operations

“Family” and “Growth potential” are the two things that have impacted my life with O’Sullivan Films.

The “family” atmosphere that is created in the facility and with the associates is why I have wanted to spend  the majority of my lifetime  with O’Sullivan Films. There is a level of personal interaction between all associates that instills trust and the desire for success. This is what has allowed us to be the quality solutions partner to our ever changing marketplace.
“Growth potential” is what has allowed me to spend 28 years  in the organization. From Storeroom Clerk, while attending college, through the Production Lab and then a career path in Production Management. The opportunities have always been there if you are dedicated to yourself and betterment of the organization. Nothing makes me happier than seeing that same growth through all parts of the organization.
My goals for the future are to help lead this company to a new level of success and growth, so that we may be the pillar in the community and a provider of opportunities for years to come.