Our commitment to operational excellence is a reflection of unwavering dedication to our company mission and vision. We are constantly expanding our capabilities relying on a high level of technical and market expertise.

We are thriving with our four business units worldwide. Due to the various fields of application and wide range of product use, we have a broad base for success in many different markets.

We stand out in each individual market with our high level of expertise, which is reflected in our products and services. In every industry we are one of the leading players. From this diversity we draw enormous synergy potential which we use extensively. This high level of innovation sets us apart.

The main factor gaining importance is the design of our products - the unique appearance and feel of our surfaces makes all the difference. Product communication and brand management lays the groundwork for this continuous success in our fields.

For us as a surface specialist, good design is a key selling point and an excellent way of distinguishing ourselves from the competition.  Innovative ideas require a creative base on which they can grow and flourish in order to develop subsequently into an unmistakable product of the skai® brand.   At O’Sullivan Films we work with you to develop quality products to meet your specifications.

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Innovative and comprehensive research and product development are prerequisites in our creation process.

Our fully equipped on-site testing laboratories are essential for the analysis of our innovations for qualification development, and performance.
Our New Business Development (NBD) team has initiated systems to carry our ideas from conception to product realization and on through stages of further improvement.
We are maintaining our reputation and commitment to work in tandem with customers to develop customized solutions.

Follow this link to access our product testing and property sheets.

Our products are manufactured in-house at our Winchester, Virginia facility. We utilize our Calender, Spread Coat, Lamination, Printing and Embossing equipment to the highest potential applying and pioneering newest industrial practices.  We minimize emissions and recycle over 10 million pounds of materials per year.

Made in the USA is a label we proudly place on our products. We ensure customer care and transparency, domestic production reduces lead-time.

Our high standards in manufacturing means taking every opportunity to go beyond the recommended environmental and safety regulations. Our dedicated environmental and reliability engineering departments keep us ahead protecting and respecting our surroundings.




Our O’Sullivan Films Quality Assurance Systems set the standard for responsibility and continuous improvement in manufacturing. We regularly audit and certify our systems to exceed internationally accepted measures. 

You can access our certifications here.




Today, consumers make it clear that environmental sustainability and product safety are of growing importance when deciding what to purchase.We are driven by the fact that our products end up on your sofas, floors, decks, roofs and walls…inside your cars and in the medical devices that keep you healthy. Indoor air quality is enhanced with our materials. When applicable, we offer polymer alternatives.We listen and learn from our customers to provide safer product solutions.